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What is a Cloud Accounting Firm?

A cloud accounting firm is one that does not have a fixed brick and mortar business location.
It means we are able to service clients anywhere in Australia and save you the hassle of driving and finding a parking space.
By utilising video, we add back a touch of personalisation. We use video during our meetings, delivery of reports to add context and delivery of webinars.
The use of cloud applications to allow us to work with you at the same time you are online to support you and your business.
As a cloud business we are using and optimising may of the same systems business in remote areas and tech forward businesses are using creating natural synergies.
// About Company

By getting to know you, your family and business,

We help you reach the goals you dreamed of.

At Sword Advisory, our inception was fuelled by a simple yet powerful idea: we want to focus on activities which provide our clients with value.

We aim to be guides, helping small business adopt new technology to assist in automation and guide customers using proven tools to help them assess their competitive environment and develop strategies to reach their vision.

Our values

People helping people to pursue their dreams

Embrace a culture of continuous knowledge building and pursue in-depth understanding

Apply learnt understanding to pursue growth and value

Be generous with the truth

// Customer reviews

What others have to say about us

Phil Gatt

Simon has been the consummate professional since first being referred by a friend who has exacting and meticulous standards. I am grateful to her for referring Simon my way as I have just completed a year in self-employed private practise. He has been understanding of my limited knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting and has created videos and other learning tools to assist me in coming quickly up to speed. I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone wanting bookkeeping, accounting and business advice.


Diana MozoAnderson

Simon helped me with my tax return, and it was great. Very professional and punctual.

// Professional Team

Our Dedicated Team

Simon is a versatile Chartered Accountant who brings a wealth of experience in setting up diverse information systems. His background in running multiple businesses prior to becoming an accountant gives him a unique advantage in his current role. With first-hand knowledge and practical business expertise, Simon offers invaluable insights when designing efficient business processes and implementing tax minimization strategies.

// Getting started

Process to start

working with Sword Advisory

I will give you 30 minutes of my time at no charge. You can choose to get to know me or ask me a question. If I can create value for you in that time I will. If I can't do it in that time, I will tell you what the next step you should take is whether that is with us or someone else.

At our firm, we understand the value of time and the importance of delivering outstanding results. With this in mind, we are highly selective in choosing our clients. By carefully curating our client base, we can focus our attention and resources on those who share our vision and values and provide outstanding service to those we do work with.

1. Free 30 minute value meeting

This meeting is a casual in person, phone or video conference meeting where we can get to know each other or ask me a question. I will give you 30 minutes of my time for free, the first time we have a meeting.

2. Establish what you need and what solutions we can offer

We’ll discuss your business and goals and establish how we can help you attain your goals. We formalise what the work we will do and the fees we will charge.

3. Onboarding

We’ll with you to organise access to required systems and required documents to perform work. We work with your people to ensure a smooth transition of processes and time critical procedures.