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\\Payroll is complex

Outsourcing payroll takes the pressure off you and can reduce your payroll risk.

Outsourcing payroll takes the pressure off you and can reduce your payroll risk.

Varied group of employees

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\\People do unexpected things

Dealing with change

You’ve set up your systems and things are going well when an employees family member has an emergency which will take them away from the business for four months. 

This personal happens to be a critical member of your team who you have to have to serve your customers.

  • Do you know how to deal with that annual leave, bereavement leave, carers leave, leave without pay or long service leave. 
  • Does their employment end or just suspended? 
  • You have to employ someone to replace them. Do you know the legal differences between a casual, part time, full time or temporary contract worker or contractors.

We protect you with robust payroll knowledge and back that up with payroll processes and systems to help you avoid pay disputes and get through the hard times that always come.

Doing payroll yourself?

Find out what you need to know to protect yourself in this on demand webinar.

An introduction to employment compliance for companies

Our Mission

Make your life easier with robust solutions to outsourcing payroll.

Our Vission

Make Sword Advisory pay roll a seamless part of our clients operations.

Our Philosophy

Remove as many barriers as possible in the delivery of a fast and accurate systems to outsourcing payroll.

Our Strategy

Eliminate all double handling and double entry of data. by recording from the source and utilise systems that communicate with each other.

// what We Offer

Your Partner For outsoucing PayRoll Services

Systems are built to give you control and visibility over your payroll data.

Sword Advisory offer payroll services to business owners who need to
report their personal wages to the ATO up to businesses with multi-site operations.

There are mandatory requirements to record time worked,
leave, delivery of payslips reporting payroll information to the ATO and state
revenue departments and best practices include approvals of hours worked and
payroll expenditure as part of the process.

Efficient modern payroll process involving online
timekeeping with GPS sign-on and payroll systems, typically consists of several


We can also take care of supernation and payroll tax.

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Book a free value discovery meeting

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to discuss your needs

//How we do it

3 Steps to payroll freedom

1. Current systems are assessed

An employment award comparison is performed to verify you are meeting the minimum conditions and the current processes are assessed to find the most suitable systems for your business.

2. Build systems and onboard employees

Systems are built and employees onboarded with any new processes they need to learn to help them get paid accurately, timely and get access to their own payroll data remotely.

3. Go Live

We transition to the new payroll system and commence payroll on a planned date.

Paying an employee incorrectly will always cost you. How you deal with it will define how much.

// Pay roll service


Accuracy and Efficiency

Online timekeeping and payroll systems minimise human error and reduce the time required for data entry and calculations. This leads to more accurate and efficient payroll processing.


Automated payroll systems help ensure compliance with labour laws, tax regulations, and company policies. This reduces the risk of legal issues and penalties.

Audit Trail

Employers have a detailed audit trail of all payroll transactions, which can be crucial for resolving disputes and ensuring


Many modern payroll systems can be customised to meet the
specific needs of the company, such as handling unique pay policies and

Cost Savings

Streamlining the payroll process reduces the need for manual paperwork and administrative tasks. This results in cost savings from employee productivity.

Data Security

Payroll systems typically have robust security measures in
place to protect sensitive employee information and payment data.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Timely and accurate payments enhance employee satisfaction,
reducing turnover and fostering a positive work environment.

Remote Work Enablement

In an era of remote work, online timekeeping and payroll systems facilitate accurate tracking of employees’ work hours, regardless of their location.

// How It Works

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Employee Time Tracking

Employees use an online timekeeping system on their computer or mobile to record their work hours. This system may include features like GPS sign-on to verify their location when clocking in and out.


Supervisor Approval

After employees submit their time records, supervisors from your business review and approve them hours recorded. This step ensures accuracy and compliance with your policies.


Payroll processing

We process the payroll and send you payroll reports and bank .aba files for streamlined payments. The payslips and STP reports are sent on payroll approval.

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