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We provide fixed cost


When we provide you with a cost estimate for our services, you can trust that it will be clear and reliable.


We create detailed agreements outlining what you can expect from us and when. We typically update these agreements annually to ensure you only receive the services you need. Adjustments are only necessary if there are significant changes in the scope of work or if new tasks are required.

If your business requirements change during our engagement, our systems are flexible enough to accommodate these changes mid-term.

Payment Methods

Most of our services are recurring, and we bundle them together for monthly invoicing. This approach helps you maintain a steady cash flow.

However, any ad hoc work or one-off projects that fall outside your regular business cycle will be invoiced separately in full. This includes work not covered by the original scope agreement.

Invoices can be paid via Direct Debit, Credit Card, or Direct Transfer. We accept cash in person when the exact amount is provided.
For recurring monthly subscription payments, we use GoCardless. Invoices are issued, and payment is collected by direct debit 14 days after the invoice date.

Throughout the year

BAS and IAS are primarily determined by the frequency of lodgements and the level of income turnover or burn rate for businesses in the development phase. Bookkeeping costs are influenced by the type of work, turnover, and the frequency/timeliness of bookkeeping and management reporting.

Payroll costs depend on the frequency of payroll, the number of employees and payroll complexity, such as unique payment conditions, will impact the cost and the software used.

The cost of payroll preparation can be reduced by going from weekly to fortnightly, altering working conditions to avoid complex parts of an award or having employment contracts prepared by a payroll legal professional to amend parts of the award to simplify processing and maintain compliance.

If we provide software as part of our service, it is priced the same as you could acquire it from the vendor.

For entity establishment and tax registrations, we offer fixed prices as these tasks are not significantly affected by other factors.

To receive an estimate at our initial value discovery meeting (which is free of charge), please complete this form.

Pricing examples

Better Business Blueprint
Business coaching

$ 1,200 Month
  • Starting from / excluding GST
  • Dominate your competition and optimise your operations for an easier, more profitable business

Meetings to plan tax reduction strategies and understand your financial statements

$ Free 2 x 30 minute meetings
  • Included with all business packages that include the preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Know your business

Tax returns and financial statements for a company

$ 105.42 Month
  • Starting from / excluding GST
  • Example: Company on Xero with excellent bookkeeping, turnover up to $500k and 5 employees

Quarterly BAS
preparation and lodgement

$ 50 Month
  • Starting from / excluding GST
  • Buy this package
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